Ballet Dancers

I’m Tiko. I’m an international footballer. In Nilemwe, Africa. I have recently returned from playing for a major football club in the Premier League. I’m a cross dresser. I was fired from Melchester City FC club after a local newspaper published photographs of me wearing a red dress and a blonde wig. All this is wonderfully illustrated in my novel RED DRESS REVOLUTION. The ghost-writer Peter has done a perfect job of describing a fascinating example of a clash between cross-dressing and professional football. And it’s not just a tale about football – it’s a snapshot of corruption and military conflict in Africa – from the Congo through Kenya and South Sudan. It’s fascinating.

I’ve said that Premier League footballers need to consider cross-dressing. Not only will they feel better physically by having the freedom to dress in gorgeous female clothes but it will give them an opportunity to develop their female side. Because the female traits that we all have underpin those creative crowd-pleasing tricks and ruses that can change games and make football so inspiring.

The thing is, dressing up is considered too effeminate, too cissy and most footballers think they would rather have pins stuck in their eyeballs or miss a penalty at the Camp Nou rather than be seen in ‘women’s’ clothes.

Did I say too sissy? That’s a word my football colleagues use a lot. Too effeminate? Too womanish? Too unmanly? A footballer is tough right? Gruelling training five or six hours a day. Nursing regular injuries. Not like ballet dancers for example. Ballet Dancers are all sissies right? And probably gay.

Ballet dancers – Probably gay, right?

Except Ballet Dancers live with the pain of injuries all the time. And often they have to perform with those injuries. They don’t get substituted. They train eight hours a day. All day – for six days a week – not in fits and starts like footballers. Ballet Dancers are far fitter, upper body stronger and more athletic than any Premier League footballer. But Ballet Dancers look so feminine don’t they and have this ‘twinkly’ way of dancing – we presume that they are all wimps and milksops. But that’s far from the truth.

Guys who like to dress up in women’s clothes are also far from being wimps, milksops or sissies. And probably not gay. That’s a myth we need to dispel.


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