I’m Tiko

I’m an international footballer in Africa. Soon I will be transferred to a major football club. I’m a cross dresser.

This is my story. It’s strange and pulsating. Curious and thought provoking. It’s like nothing you ever read before.

The names of all the principal characters, locations and organizations in this blog have been changed to protect those who might proclaim some level of innocence. I don’t want friends, relatives, colleagues and supporters to be hurt or embarrassed.

But! All the events, circumstances and situations are entirely true. This is an entirely true story. Chanzo is an actual City. Nilemwe is a real country. Kase Chiefs FC is a genuine football team. I have merely given them different names. My name is Tiko. It’s just that I’m called something else.

I’m a cross-dresser and I’m about to come out.


**WARNING – Do not read on if you are sensitive about sexual disparities or have a vulnerable emotional state. While not necessarily concerned with detailing specific carnal exploits this blog concerns illustrations of men who dress in women’s clothes, of men who exhibit eccentric erotic activities, and of men who do with men.