My Left Foot

We won 5-0 on Sunday. Against Express in the Chanzo city Derby. I scored three and made two assists. All with my left foot. Now they’re calling me the ‘most educated left foot’ in African Football. A magical left foot some of the press have said. A daemon. A shaman. Some have alluded to witchcraft – in a humorous way I suppose. What’s his secret? they ask.


Are my skills down to witchcraft?


Well, it’s not a secret and yet it is. The secret is that I’m a cross-dresser.  It’s not a big secret – I was kicked out of the Premier League for this activity. But what I do in private – those deliciously furtive feminine moments – well that’s secret. But being a cross dresser means that I’m in touch with my female side. What isn’t a secret is that the right-hand side of the brain is the female side and governs the left-hand side of the body with such stuff as innovation and creativity.  So no wonder they think my left foot is ‘magic’ if I’ve been developing it for years by cross-dressing. It’s the ancient African dominance of matriarchy over patriarchy – the power of the lotus blossom over the papyrus as the ancient Egyptians used to believe. It’s about harmony and art being in touch with the creativity that I can express by sending full backs the wrong way or bending a ball into the top corner of the net from forty yards. It’s all about getting in touch with your female side. It’s all about balance.


And for all those big hunks of baboons who think cross dressing is for sissies or homos and who I leave flat on their butt after I’ve taken the ball past them for the umpteenth time – hey guys! – take a look at the action replays of my goals now flooding the TV. See that? That’s because I’m a cross dresser. Is there a moral here? Well! All we need to do as cross-dressers – who want to make our cross-dressing pursuit acceptable – is to spread more awareness and encourage more open discussion.

Let’s all come out. Footballers too.

Have a look at my book and follow my blog and Twitter.

Have a look at my story. RED DRESS REVOLUTION – see what can happen when cross-dressers lead a peaceful revolution in a big city like Chanzo using a football game as a platform for expression. It’s fascinating.

Have a look at i-Witness Publications who have produced similar fascinating books and plays – all about stimulating issues such as cross-dressing.


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