I’m very grateful

I have no real recollection when I first started to cross-dress. Or feel the inclination. Probably around nine. I’m eighteen now. The urges – the feelings – are strong and compelling; but the reason ‘why’ remains inexpressible, beyond some vague enthralling sensation that ‘it just feels good!’ An enduring curiosity persists, but not related in any way to sexual stimulation or gender identity. It’s not about being ‘gay’. Or aspiring to be bi-sexual – or trying to double my chances of getting laid. It’s just a need I have to fulfill. A pool of delicious blueness opens at my feet and I dive straight in. There’s no bottom. The tingle that overwhelms me when I put on lipstick. Beyond description. That’s why I cross-dress and that’s why I wanted the world to know about cross-dressing and how beneficial it can be to our lifestyle and our development. Being a cross-dresser has helped me enormously as a footballer. It gave me the opportunity to get in touch with my female side – the side that is indeed the product of my intricate skills on the football pitch.  It’s a yin and yang thing. yinyang

My name is Tiko Namutebi.  I am a professional footballer in East Africa and I regularly play for my country. Last year, I signed for Melchester City in the English Premier League but just as my career was about to take off, my secret, about being a cross-dresser, was discovered and I was sent packing back to my country, Nilemwe. The names have been changed to protect those close to me.  I have commissioned a writer PETER MCGARRY to script my story because it is so unusual, so fascinating, so unique!

The book is RED DRESS REVOLUTION and I promise you it is like nothing you have ever read!

My mission is to raise awareness about cross-dressing – particularly to all those involved in football – and indeed sport of any kind. One day – when the time is right and ripe I’ll come out and say ‘I’m proud to be a cross-dresser.’



That’s why I’m so grateful to Peter to help me write the book and I’m immensely indebted to i-witness publications for allowing me the opportunity to broadcast my longings and my lifestyle and to help with my crusade for cross-dressing awareness in my country and, indeed, across Europe. Football in England is riddled with corruption and its sole purpose seems to be the pursuit of money. That’s why I’m happy to be playing in Nilemwe. Looking back on it Melchester’s loss is my country’s gain! Soon football will develop in Africa, and our best players will no longer be seduced by corrupt European clubs but will find reward playing on their home soil. And when that happens it will be just a matter of time before an African nation will win the World Cup. Because in Africa, football is still a beautiful game. It is the people’s game!


Perhaps you are a cross dresser or have an extraordinary tale to tell. Maybe you’ve written a novel or a play or poetry. Maybe you’d like your stuff to be published. Well, I’m sure i-Witness Publications would be interested.

I’ll stick their details below.

i-Witness Publications: https://iwitnesspublications.wordpress.com/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iwitnessbooks

Facebook: Http://facebook.com/iwitnesspublications


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