To set the record straight

My name is Tiko – not my real name.  I play professional soccer for a major East African club and have recently returned from the Arica cup of Nations in Gabon where I played for my country. I played for a major club in the Premier League and was starting to set the English soccer world alight until the press discovered I was a cross-dresser. This discovery led to all sorts of insinuations and accusations that were completely false – but as you know the English media are a little ambivalent about what may or may not be true. They are concerned only with a story that would set the hearts of soccer fans racing. I was immediately transferred to my present club.  The whole world has seen my ‘wonder goal’ in the preliminary rounds of the Africa cup competition and there has been a deal of interest from big clubs in La Liga and the Bundesliga – but perhaps they are not aware of my cross-dressing tendencies.

One of the accusations I get is that I am, of course, homosexual. Gay. Otherwise, why would I dress-up in women’s clothes?  Being critical of cross-dressers does help the uneducated masses to feel more comfortable with their pathetic boring lives and wives – perhaps that’s why there is so much prejudice.


Gorgeous Eddie Izzard was beaten up for wearing women’s clothes.


Let me set the record straight.

  1. Cross-dressing is more common than the world realises. It is often performed in secret because it is still not accepted by society – for example lots of men wear lace panties under their trousers when they go to work, or apply make-up in the privacy of their own homes.
  2. Although it may be ‘socially acceptable for women to wear men’s clothes, men who cross-dress are often considered deviant or even unnatural weirdos that you better steer well clear of. But it is a myth to think that cross-dressers are gay. Most cross-dressers are heterosexual men who ENJOY the feel of women’s clothes; relish the experience of getting in touch with their female side, delight in the power they have when they venture outside knowing they look ‘gorgeous’! Getting in touch with your female side is vital if you want to be a complete person.  So many men – especially middle-aged men – are depressed and unmotivated because they have failed to connect with their female side. It’s a yin and yang thing!
  3. it is a myth – a very common myth – especially on TV channels like the BBC and CNN to consider that all cross dressers are transgender or Transsexual

TRANSGENDER is a term for those who feel there is no connection or fit between their own gender identity and the gender roles that society asks them to play.

TRANSSEXUAL is a person who does not identify with the sex they were assigned with at birth.

I say all this just to set the record straight.


Cross-dressing is not full of angst or anxiety.


Please don’t feel sorry for me because I’m a cross-dresser.  No pity or pointers to self-help groups or therapists. Cross-dressing is not full of angst or anxiety. Cross dressing is fun – it’s pleasure it’s a whole liberation. It’s a social revolution. Some cross-dressing males even ‘play’ with their wives or partners. Your loss – if you don’t cross!

You should read RED DRESS REVOLUTION and how Tiko’s life is transformed by his cross-dressing activities – an activity that becomes the platform for a ‘social revolution’ in his country.  I promise you that you’ve never read anything like it.


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