Panto Dames

I’m Tiko. I’m a cross-dresser. I play international football in East Africa. I was recently booted out of the English Premier League after being caught in a degrading cross-dressing pose.

My life story is beautifully depicted in my book RED DRESS REVOLUTION from i-witness Publications available from Amazon and on Kindle.

I promise you it will be the most exciting book you’ll read in 2017, and while we’re on the subject of 2017, may I say a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers. New Year is a special time for cross-dressing. It’s pantomime season for one thing where lots of men dress up as women. Aladdin’s mother is always a man, as of course is Dame Widow Twankey.  As are the mothers in Jack and the Beanstalk and Dick Whittington. It’s traditional.

Panto Dames – Popular this time of year

Panto isn’t big here in East Africa. But Men dress up as women for all sorts of reasons. Witch Doctors take on the female persona, often at the same time as they swallow lots of mind-bending substances. Dressing up as a woman gives them more power, gets them in touch with their feminine side and makes them better able to dispel evil spirits and scatter their medicinal spells.

Brazilian Makumba Ceremony

Similarly in the West Indies, and especially in Haiti, Voodoo is replete with men dressing in female clothes.  In Brazil Makumba is popular with men dressing up as women to enable them to get in touch with ancestral spirits.

And the reason for dressing up as women is so that the practitioners can get in touch with their feminine side. It’s a yin and yang thing. One cannot be whole without being in possession of both sides of their nature. Even the femaleness in panto dames have their purpose. The ‘dames’ are there to guide the story in much the same way as a Classical Greek Chorus might – indeed historically, there is a strong connection.

There is a need for us all to be in touch with our feminine side. There is a purpose.  It makes us more complete. more powerful. Just think how powerful you feel when your dressed up and looking gorgeous. And people staring. Am I right?

So Panto Dames, Witch Doctors, Voodoo ‘doctors’!

Those inclinations you have for cross-dressing go deeper than you think!

If there’s one thing you must aim to do in 2017 – get in touch with your feminine side! Read my story – RED DRESS REVOLUTION – it will surely help.


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