Why every Premier League player should consider cross-dressing – Part III

I’m Tiko. I’m an international footballer. In Nilemwe, Africa. I have recently returned from playing for a major football club in the Premier League. I’m a cross dresser. I was fired from Melchester City FC club after a local newspaper published photographs of me wearing a red dress and a blonde wig. I was dancing with my friend Oscar. Read RED DRESS REVOLUTION – it’s a fascinating insight into the way a cross-dresser was treated by the British media and Melchester City – all because he dressed up in women’s clothing.

In my last blog I’ve suggested that Premier League footballers should consider cross-dressing as a pursuit or activity that would benefit their professional careers. Am I being serious?

Very much so.

One of the main reasons I cross dress is about identity. My identity.

OK I know I like to dress up in gorgeous clothes. A shimmering red-halter neck for example that flows around you when you walk. Perfectly positioned eye-make up. Lipstick that enhances your complexion – (and sets off my naturally long curls.) To look feminine. To look gorgeous. The feeling it evokes. It’s inspiring.

But the main reason I cross-dress is to get-in-touch with my female side. We males have a feminine side. Even macho football stars have a feminine side. A female chromosome. A yin. An anima – or whatever term psychologists like to use. All of us. Sometimes it’s a dark mysterious side that is hard to comprehend, but if we develop it and foster it we can be sure that we’ll become more creative. That scintillating flick of the ball that sends the opposition defence the wrong way; that deft little touch that propels the striker clean through on goal, that ability to find space and blind side the two centre backs, that curling little floater that foxes the goalie into diving the wrong way … well, all those are female skills. They’re all yin. They’re all feminine. And the more footballers learn to be comfortable in their yin-skin the more adept and creative they’ll be with that spherical object that governs their lives.

Pre-match motivation – very ‘yang!’

There’s more. Being in touch with your female side – living in your yin-skin can help you more easily adapt to a strange or new environment. Men who have difficulty in blending in with a new atmosphere, a new location, should consider letting their yin guide them – instead of looking at the strange environment as a threat. Get called up for the England team and immediately it’s threatening. It’s all yang! Big name players, with bigger salaries, seemingly full of confidence, bravado, audacity – with proven track records. It’s all a bit intimidating. The press and fans expecting you to perform expertly and flatten all opposition. England expects! It’s more than a bit daunting. No wonder the legs feel heavy. The Brain confused. The lungs hollow. The stomach queasy.

Deep breathing ‘yin’ exercises focus on the body.

Does anyone suggest some female breathing exercises or meditation before the game? No way. That’s all a bit ‘cissy’. Even though deep breathing exercises focus the body better than loud ‘rap’ music from headphones.  The manager will scream and shout and use macho words like ‘focus’ and ‘commitment’ and ‘concentration’ –  and you’ll be frightened to death.

So, all you Premier League footballers. You can see how I might thing cross-dressing is a useful platform for getting in touch with your female side. Not just to develop skills but to help with being comfortable in any new scary environment.

And it’s easier than you think. Because actually you’re half way there. I’ll tell you why next time.


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