Why every Premier League Footballer should consider Cross Dressing – Part II

Terry Venables – England Manager 1994-1996

All we need to do as cross-dressers – who want to make our cross-dressing pursuit acceptable – is to spread more awareness and encourage more open discussion.

Let’s all come out. Footballers too. My name is Tiko Namutebi. I am a professional footballer in East Africa and I regularly play for my country. Last year I signed for Melchester City in the English Premier League but just as my career was about to take off, my secret about being a cross-dresser was discovered and I was sent packing back to my country Nilemwe. I have commissioned a ghost writer to script my story because it is so unusual, so fascinating, so unique! The book is RED DRESS REVOLUTION and I promise you it is like nothing you have ever read.

I said in my last blog that all footballers should consider cross dressing. Why!!!? Premier League Footballers would be mortified if anyone suggested that to them. Of course they would! They equate cross-dressing with homosexuality – and God-forbid they should be classified in that category. They’re all strong athletic macho-men aren’t they?

If we roll back the clock a few months and consider England’s disastrous performance in the European Championship when they were unceremoniously dumped out of the competition by lowly Iceland – well! they looked far from macho and athletic then. What they did look like was a bunch of motely unorganised individuals who looked petrified of the setting they were playing in. Terrified of the location, the background, the venue, the fans, the locale the media – all of it! They looked as though they simply couldn’t cope. And the football they produced reflected this. Tired, uninspired and lacking in ambition.

That’s why there is a picture of Terry Venables who was manager of the England National Team in the Nineties. When asked what type of player he needed for his England squad he said he wanted ‘players who are comfortable in the environment!’ He went onto say that ‘players who can’t stand the heat of the dressing room should get out of the kitchen’ – but we get the idea.

Not comfortable in the environment.

England Cricket Team in India currently look as though they have been asked to play on an alien planet. All the skills they flourish so prominently back home in England seem to have deserted them.

So what am I saying? – that cross-dressing can help not only professional footballers – but all of us – feel more comfortable in the environment? Well, yes!

How? Well let me explain how in my next blog.

Meanwhile, read about how my life fell apart when I became uncomfortable in the environment of Melchester City. It’s in my book (ghost written) RED DRESS REVOLUTION – about my meteoric rise to fame as a Premier league footballer and how I was booted out of City when my cross-dressing activities were discovered. It’s a fascinating read.


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