Why every Premier League footballer should consider cross dressing – Part I

I’m serious.

I’m also aware that if you try to advise any footballer that he should earnestly consider cross dressing as a useful activity you might be in grave danger of a size eleven boot in your groin. Certainly if you are a fellow player or a team mate you would be ostracised and excluded as someone ‘weird’ whose only aspiration is to try and arrange some sexual endeavour or engagement. Many members of society, footballers especially, equate cross-dressing as something to do with transsexuality or homosexuality and have no idea why anyone like me should want to dress up in a woman’s clothes.

But footballer’s love dressing up – I’ll come back to that.

Footballers love dressing up!

My name is Tiko Namutebi. I am a professional footballer in East Africa and I regularly play for my country. Last year I signed for Melchester City in the English Premier League but just as my career was about to take off, my secret, about being a cross-dresser, was discovered and I was sent packing back to my country, Nilemwe. Names have been changed to protect those close to me. I have commissioned a ghost writer to script my story because it is so unusual, so fascinating, so unique! The book is RED DRESS REVOLUTION and I promise you it is like nothing you have ever read!

My mission is to raise awareness about cross-dressing – particularly to all those involved in football – and indeed sport of any kind. One day – when the time is right and ripe I’ll come out and say ‘I’m proud to be a cross-dresser.’

But if, when I was playing for Melchester City I tried to explain about my cross dressing….?

“Hey guys I know you all love dressing up. I know you’re all obsessed , about your appearances – combing hair and squeezing spots in front of the many mirrors. Always preoccupied with smearing Benzoyl into your acne or kneading on aloe vera for your dry winter complexions and grooming in selenium gel for your dandruff. Well get this – I have an obsession just like you – I love dressing up!  I love making myself ‘gorgeous’ – only I prefer dressing up in women’s clothes and wearing perfume rather than Desmond Merrion suits and Eau Savage cologne.”

But if I did that now. I know what the reaction would be.

I’d be ridiculed, ostracised, called a puff! – and they’d probably want me to have a separate dressing room. A cross-dressing room!

A Cross-Dressing room is a very lonely room!

Well, as I said, footballers do have a penchant for dressing up – trying to look gorgeous. Why not? They have the money and the time – and fame for them is not always easy. But why would I want them to cross-dress? why would it be useful for their careers?

More next time – watch this space!


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