Bring It On – Part I: Yin & Yang

How long have you been a transvestite, Tiko.

But like many of the other questions that the journalists bombarded at me, that day at the press conference, I was unable to answer.

But now I would answer. Now I am stronger. Bring it on.

Now I would say. I concede to being human. I would concede to being African. A minority. I will concede to being oppressed. But I will not concede to being a transvestite.

Transvestite is a Latin word. How dare you fling a Latin word at me. Because the old days of tired worn-out definitions are gone. ‘Poverty’ is a dirty old word and ‘corruption’ is a dirty old word and ‘discrimination’ and ‘transvestite’ are dirty old words.

I am not a transvestite. I am a cross-dresser.

I’m not going to stand up and say ‘I’m proud to be a cross-dresser.’  Because, for me, it’s not that big a deal.  It’s something I don’t want to make an issue of. I dress up in women’s clothes for a number of reasons.  To look beautiful. To get appreciative glances. To walk around in a female skin instead of my own.  I want to make a connection with my feminine side.  My yin.

Why? Because we all have two sides to our nature – the male, physical yang side. And the

dark mysterious female yin. Being male I need to explore my yin.

Yin and yang are complementary.  Appreciation of both helps us give a balance to our lives.  A much needed  natural balance.

What’s yin? What’s yang?

A centre-back booting the ball to safety before the opposition can pressurise. That’s yang.

Blind-siding the whole defence and flicking the ball (ever so effeminately) into the back of the net. That’s yin.


Intuitive – that’s how I’ve been described when I play! Intuitive. Instinctive! Perceptive! Shrewd! Natural! Look closely. These are female qualities.

Writing is a feminine quality. And however soccer journalists like to think they are living in a totally male world – with their pints and their big talk and foul language and their puerile scatological jokes, they must realise that the qualities they have as writers stem from their yin. Their feminine side.

What am I saying?  That my qualities as a footballer are feminine?  That goal against Ghana in the Africa Cup?  The ‘touch of genius’ (Sun April 2016) in the semi-final – they’re female qualities? They’re my Yin?

Yes! Absolutely!

Wait. There’s more. And all those female qualities I display on the football pitch – they’re enhanced by my cross dressing activities?

Yes absolutely.

So when journalists see my talent – a talent they would like their sons, (or players, maybe, in their favourite team),  to emulate,  perhaps they might encourage the talentless dumpy offspring they have wantonly spawned to try a little cross dressing.

We all – all of us need to get in touch with our feminine nature

We all need to find out female side.

When did I first start cross dressing?  Well that’s another question entirely. Read all about it in my book –  RED DRESS REVOLUTION, which is only 99p on Kindle this week. It’s an amazing tale I promise you – like nothing you’ve ever read.


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