Dispelling Myths

Take your average Premier League soccer player. He’s tough, he’s resilient, robust, strong and hardy.  He’s the last person you would be able to talk to about the value of displaying, exhibiting even flaunting his feminine side. How could you tell him that all males have a feminine side?  – and that it is beneficial, physically and psychologically, to bring out this (f)un-masculine side. That, indeed, some professional footballers (like me!) are unhappy if they don’t get the opportunity to express that feminine side of their nature. How could you possibly, explain, then to a professional footballer about cross-dressing? Even though some statistics have suggest that one in every eight (yes, 1 in every 8!) males (including professional footballers) have a tendency to, an inclination for, or have a history of cross dressing.

Anyone for soccer?

Pretty difficult, you might say. But that’s my mission. Because if we can make cross-dressing acceptable in soccer – if players can turn up for training wearing lipstick, eye shadow and looking gorgeous in a light blue pinafore then – well, we’ll have just about cracked it.

My name is Tiko Namutebi.  I am a professional footballer in East Africa and I regularly play for my country. Last year  I signed for Melchester City but just as my career was about to take off , my secret about being a cross-dresser was discovered and I was sent packing back to my country Nilemwe.   My mission is to raise awareness about cross-dressing – particularly to all those involved in football – and indeed sport of any kind. One day – when the time is right and ripe I’ll come out and say ‘I’m proud to be a cross-dresser.’

Yeah! A cross-dresser!

Meanwhile! Well footballers are not the brightest fire-flies in the bush – as we say in Nilemwe – and they probably will not be able to recognise or react to any nascent inclination they may have about dressing up and looking beautiful.  Being footballers they probably have some myths or preconception about cross-dressing or cross-dressers.

Are cross-dressers gay?

Recent research suggests that most cross-dressers are not homosexuals. Some gays may like to cross-dress – but then some gays like to play football?

Do cross-dressers really want to be women?

No! That’s not why we do it. We cross-dress to get in touch – to bask, if you like – in our feminine side. We simply want to look gorgeous.  It’s a way of expressing ourselves.

Are cross-dressers mentally ill?

No. In fact some research has suggested that cross dressers are more well-balanced than the rest of the population because cross-dressing relieves stress and tension. Psychologists have even gone so far as to suggest that cross-dressing is a ‘normal’ activity for men

Is cross-dressing illegal?

Absolutely not.

I’m aware that these are quick and easy answers but we are talking footballers here and it’s probably best not to bombard them with research, stats, or technical details at this stage.

For more in-depth scrutiny of my experiences as a professional footballer who cross dresses see my book – RED DRESS REVOLUTION. It’s a true story –in fiction form!


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