Explaining cross-dressing to a West Ham fan

Lots of rumpus about homophobia in the media this week.

I wanted to start a campaign. Using this blog. To make all those involved in football, players, coaches, fans, administrators, press and TV, more aware about cross-dressing. I want cross-dressing to be accepted in football. Not just in Africa but in Europe too. So the new survey that the BBC conducted via their Radio Five Live station seems pretty pertinent.

The survey found that:

82% of supporters would have no issue with a gay player.

However, 8% of football fans said they would stop watching their team.

Not sure about this survey at all. How was it conducted? What sizes sample ? (i.e. how many were surveyed?) – and how were they surveyed?  Was it a blind survey? It’s typical of the BBC to come out with statistics and expect us all to believe them. It’s something we’re very used to here in East Africa.

And I should make one thing very clear. Cross-dressing is an entirely separate topic from homosexuality. We should not confuse the two. It’s just that the BBC are sort of saying that ‘discrimination’ in football should not be tolerated if fans are saying they are opposed  to homophobia.  So why can’t they start a campaign. Fear? Of what? If Gary Lineker can appear in his underwear surely he can be brave enough to make the odd statement.  And such pity too that other football luminaries haven’t come out to push for discrimination (in all forms) to be outlawed.

Last week, Football Association Chairperson Greg Clarke told a House of Commons Select Committee that he was “cautious” of encouraging a player to come out because they may suffer “significant abuse” from fans. And speaking to BBC Radio 5 live on Wednesday, Clarke said he stood by his “personal view” that “vile abuse” from a “small minority on the terraces” must be solved before any gay footballers “take that risk” to come out. “If they want to take that risk I would respect them and support them,” said Clarke. “But we can’t promise to provide them at the moment with the required protection. We need to redouble our efforts to provide that safe space.” Clarke added that he hoped to achieve that in a “year or two”.

In a year or two! And crowdhe’s the Chairperson of the Football Association!!  – seemingly too anxious  about the 8 per cent of gorillas on the terraces who chant racial and homophobic abuse. Ben White, Brighton and Hove Albion manager was, on Talk Sport on Wednesday, ‘reluctant’ to encourage players to come out for fear they might suffer severe abuse, hinting that their safety could not be assured.

According to yet another survey one in eight males in Western Society have a history of or a proclivity for cross dressing. See if you can identify them in the crowd in the above picture. Oh you can’t! Well go figure.

Alongside the violence at the West Ham versus Chelsea fixture earlier in the week there was a heap of homophobic abuse directed at some of the Chelsea players. What can anyone do about this? Law enforcement doesn’t seem to be the answer. You can’t eject dozens of fans – (although to their credit West Ham say they are going to ban for life two hundred fans following the Chelsea game.) Education and Awareness seems to be the only solution. But as a professional footballer how can I explain to your Neanderthal West Ham supporter that I’m proud to be a cross-dresser? How can I explain what cross dressing is?

There’s a long way to go.

Be good if I could persuade them to buy my book…

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Here’s what would happen if West Ham fans found out about my cross dressing…




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