Calling all football fans!


How many in the crowd are into cross dressing? How many on the field?


I’m Tiko. I’m an international footballer. In Africa. I have recently returned from playing for a major football club Melchester City, in the Premier League. I’m a cross-dresser. I was fired from Melchester City FC club after a local newspaper published photographs of me wearing a red dress and a blonde wig. I was dancing with my friend Oscar.

To set the record straight. The names of all the principal characters, locations and organizations in this blog have been changed to protect those who might proclaim some level of innocence. I don’t want friends, relatives, colleagues and supporters to be hurt or embarrassed. And I don’t want my identity to damage the purpose of this blog – which I will explain later.

My name is Tiko. It’s just that I’m called something else.

I’m Tiko. I’m 18. I’ve had an incredibly interesting life. So interesting, in fact, that I’ve had a book ghost-written about my life. True Fiction. Magical Reality – as they say in literary circles. (RED DRESS REVOLUTION)

It’s a rag-to-riches story. It’s strange and pulsating. Curious and thought provoking. It’s like nothing you ever read before.  I promise.

I come from the slum of Kitanye, in Chanzo, in Nilemwe, East Africa; merely a single living-room with  an old, oily mattress for a bed. Kitanye! – unstable, dangerous; a no-go area, a refuge for addicts and dealers, pickpockets and prostitutes; criminals and crazy kids carrying something sharp to filch the contents of a passing pocket or easy purse.

In Kitanye where I learned my skill as a footballer and where I developed a passion for cross-dressing. A passion my mum could not beat out of me. My craving grew even when the Priest threatened me with eternal damnation or the Witch Doctor started reciting spells and incantations over my painted body. Even the local police with their threats of three years in prison, if I was caught, dressing up could not dissuade me.

Now I am back in East Africa, after being turfed out of Melchester City  and I am soon to play for Chanzo Eagles in the Nilemwian Premier League. I will earn enough money to rent an apartment and I can dress up to my heart’s content. I can visit the Zebra Club where lots of local cross-dressers go.

So happy ever after?

Well no! This is not the end – it’s the beginning.

If I am a successful footballer in Nilemwe. If I’m something of a celebrity – especially after my escapades in England ! –  and if I’m also a cross-dresser then oughtn’t I to take some responsibility for the frustrations whirling around my head.

Why isn’t cross-dressing accepted, at any level, in society? Why is football, the profession I belong to, so biased, bigoted, prejudiced towards cross-dressing? According to a recent survey one in eight males have a tendency to cross dress.

I want to start a campaign. Using this blog.

To make all those involved in football, players, coaches, fans, administrators, press and TV, more aware about cross-dressing. I want cross-dressing to be accepted in football. Not just in Africa but in Europe too.

You can help me. Send me links and information I can check out. Let’s start a conversation. Especially if you’re a football fan. Let’s spread awareness.

To ‘come out’ as a cross-dresser whose a professional footballer may be a dream but right now I’m in the mood for dreaming.



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