Red Dress Revolution – Part II

My book is going to be published this week. RED DRESS REVOLUTION.

My life story. So far! Because I’m still only 18. So why would anyone want to publish my life story?

My name is Tiko Namutebi. I’m professional footballer and I’ve played at international level for my country, Nilemwe. Soon I will play for Chanzo Eagles in the Nilemwe Premier League.

I rose from the poverty of living in a an African slum shack where there was no running water – and not even enough food – to become a success with a local Chanzo team and after an impressive debut in the Africa Cup of Nations I flew to England to begin a new career and what I thought wold be a new life. But! After just a couple of months I was booted out of Melchester City in the English Premier League and sent scurrying back to Nilemwe with my tail between my legs. Why? Well, because I’m a cross-dresser. And photographs of me cross-dressing were released to the local newspaper and soon images of me in red dresses and blonde wigs were splattered all over TV, on Twitter, on Facebook and every other popular social media outlet. Then a press conference with the paparazzi exploding flashes in my face and the slobbering, drooling press asking questions I had no idea how to handle. Questions about my sex life and inferences about gay orgies and seditious behaviour. All because I have a tendency to dress in women’s clothes.

My book  will not be a dogmatic statement. It will be full of interest and exploit and adventure – amusing and thought provoking. It will be unique. Based on a true story of a rags to riches achievement and a wretched downfall. An African tale of struggle, corruption, conflict and what it’s like to be a professional footballer and a cross dresser. It’s about one of Africa’s newest and prolific football talents who  should have been a major star in the English Premier League – except that he had one slight problem.

The book is my story. My name is not really Tiko Namutebi. Nilemwe is not a real country but centred on a country in East Africa. Melchester City is not really the name of the club in the English Premier League. These names have been changed for evident reasons.

The book has a happy ending – even though the ending hasn’t  panned out yet. But as a successful footballer I have a duty, now that I’ve come out – to speak out! Football in England is corrupt – the media is full of stories about greed and bribes and a perpetual desire to make money at all levels. But football in England is prejudiced, homophobic, racist and narrow minded against cross-dressing. And I want people to buy it. I want people who cross dress and organisations and institutions who support cross-dressing to buy it and review it. I want support from the cross dressing community.

And I promise you’ll never read anything like it!

I will continue writing my blog –  I will concentrate on football and my mission is to free football from intolerance and misconception. I will try to make the blog interesting and amenable on all levels. Written by international footballer who cross dresses. Sign up, get comrades who cross dress to sign up.

Together we can change world opinion – and we can start by campaigning for understanding in professional football . We’re in the mood for change. Aren’t we?

Click on the links below for more information.

Red Dress Revolutionbook-cov-draft5-1


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