Three years in prison if you Cross Dress!

My football career has not even started yet but already I’m thinking about what I will do when it’s all over.  I’m grateful for the talent I’ve been given and somehow I feel the need to pay back some of that talent to the country that spawned it. My country. Nilemwe. Politically Nilemwe is corrupt and more importantly to me, is sexually intolerant. I feel I should use my forthcoming celebrity status in football to help change Nilemwe politically and morally.  I know I will be a celebrity. Because I can kick a football about cleverly.  I don’t want to mock football.  Football is a good thing. It keeps communities together. And we must stay together. Otherwise Nilemwe, like other countries in Africa, will fracture, allowing fundamentalists to flourish, and preach hatred and encourage violence and set up training camps and build armies.

Football in Europe remains narrow-minded and contaminated at every level by corruption, only concerned that the sport is an industry, to make money at every level. Footballers in Europe long ago lost touch with the fans who support them. Ticket prices are beyond the reach of the working man in England. The supporters of football have no voice. They are brainwashed by the media. Zombies who have no idea of commonality or brotherly love, who think winning is the only option. Players in England are even prepared to appear on TV celebrity talent competitions or advertise gambling, or underwear or cold cream and spend sinful amounts of money buying flash cars and flaunting glitzy girlfriends. No-one plays the game for love any more. In Nilemwe it will be different. I want to take back football from the corporate media groveling professional clubs and give it back to the people – where it belongs.

Because if I do that then it will be the first step to people power. The good people of Nilemwe are not corrupt – they are tolerant and open minded. When I come out as a cross dresser and the people of Nilemwe come to learn that their international superstar dresses in women’s clothes they will accept that. It is the government and the sleazy gutter press who try to indoctrinate the people against gays and lesbians and transgender and cross dressers and anyone who has an elaborate gender distinction. And the church! Let’s not forget those sleaze balls. Threatening me with eternal domination and hell-fire – as if any cross dresser cared!  Doing what I do – dressing up as a woman; trying to look feminine. Look beautiful. It has nothing to do with sex.  It’s just who I am. But if I am caught doing what I do in Nilemwe, even behind closed doors, I will be severely censured. Three years minimum in prison. Oscar too. Or anyone else that knows I cross dress and who does not inform the police will also be tried and convicted. Two years ago, despite western diplomacy two guys were hung for being homosexual. Can you imagine that!?

There is an organization in Nilemwe called The MIDNIGHT AVENGERS who identify deviants such as me and beat them to death. Often in their own homes. Lesbians are taken to a ‘pit’ and stoned to death. The media print shit about gays and lesbians who they claim are trying to brainwash young children into a ‘homosexual agenda.’ Five years ago a woman named Carla was teaching in a junior school until someone reported she was a lesbian. Five years later she is still in prison. Awaiting trial.

I’m sorry for being political on this blog. I just wanted to explain how I feel I could use my football talents to address some of the homophobic policies that are growing across Nilemwe and indeed all of Africa.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve not even started training with first team yet (tomorrow!) – I might be a disaster.

My name is Tiko Namutebi and I am a Cross-dresser. Nilemwe is an invented name but is a real country. I am writing my blog because I am in the unusual, perhaps unique, position of being a closeted cross dresser and a Premier League footballer. (Well soon to be. I will likely make my debut on Saturday). I want to come out but terrified that it will seriously damage my reputation if I do.

I am considering writing a book. Any ghost writers out there?

Any help or advice will be seriously welcome.


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