Tales from the Zebra Club – Part I

THE ZEBRA CLUB –  a paradise for cross-dressers.

Oscar has brought me here – this is the club where he sings. And I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Or in my wildest dreams. And certainly not in Nilemwe, Africa!

It’s incredibly dark –  If you came to see what goes on here, in the moral twilight of the Zebra Club, that’s the first thing you notice. The dark. Be careful else you might bump into something. Or someone doing something. Better to stand awhile at the threshold and wait for your eyes to adjust.

Then it becomes obvious – even to the unacquainted, who, even if they hadn’t guessed by the exorbitant entrance fee – that this is a classy joint.

If you dress-up you’re going to feel happy here. With friends who are like you.  Among people who understand. There’s no need to hide. Or have furtive conversations about your secret.

The moment I entered I knew I was going to be comfortable. I knew there was going to be support. Piece of advice – don’t cross-dress alone. Find yourself a Zebra Club. Be safe among friends.

Sometimes I get the urge to tell people. To reveal to my friends. That hey!  I am a cross-dresser? My mum doesn’t know the extent of my feelings. I wonder what my dad would say? He’d probably dash over from the Congo, or wherever he’s working and try to thrash it out of me.

So. Should cross-dressers reveal their delicious secrets? This has to be done very carefully. Many cross dressers feel frustrated that they have to keep this part of their personality a secret, and sometimes their exasperation erupts and leads to very impulsive and reckless confessions in the workplace, for example. It seems to me that you need to think about those you are going to tell. Many colleagues are simply not ready to hear that Paul becomes Paula at weekends.

It helps if you can find yourself a Zebra Club. Make friends who will listen – who will understand.

The Zebra Club is not a Gay Bar. Recent research has confirmed that most cross dressers are not homosexual. And not every cross-dresser is a secret cross-dresser. The eminent medical journalist, broadcaster and writer Dr Vernon Coleman has often written about the satisfaction of wearing women’s underwear. Others cross-dress for reasons such as aiming to break down gender barriers – like the famous stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard.

At a conference in 2012 it was claimed that 8 per cent of the population are into cross-dressing. While there is currently no way of knowing if this figure bears any relationship to the truth it does mean, if it’s true, that one in every twelve guys you see around you – right now! – would enjoy the exotic entertainment provided at the Zebra Club.


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